About VLC

About VLC

Regular Language Courses




The Beginners

This program is open to anybody above 10 years of age, and who knows Tamil. The learner will learn acquire the basics of English and at the end of the Program the learner will be able to read and write simple words common ineveryday situations. Getting introduced to the main aspects of learning the language elevates the learner to the level of communicating for basic needs. The program is designed for 40 hours.

The Intermediate

The program is open to those who have completed the Beginners' Program or for those who have the proficiency equivalent to the Beginners’ Program. This program will strengthen the skills acquired In Beginners' Program. The reinforcement widens the range of grammatical functional usage skills of the language.  At the end of the program the learner will be able to write sentences and prepare drafts. This is an apt course for all students up to +2 to enhancetheir grammar skills. The program is designed for 40 hours.

The Advanced

This is open to those who wish to widen their range of communication beyond common situations. The program will make the learners strengthen their communication skills and make them self-sufficient in English. Through a large variety of training techniques and language laboratory practices, the learner becomes fluent. This program includes training in developing Personality skills besides improving skills in public speaking, polite conversation and exemplary etiquette. The learner reaches a level of command over the language at the end of the program, which is 40 hours.

The Communication Skills for Executives

This program is exclusively for Business Executives and Corporate Executives who speak English but lack the expression fluency. Besides enhancing developing personality , this program improves live Presentation skills, Management skills, E-mail writing skills, SMS messaging and creates confidence in conducting seminars, brain storming sessions, conferences, symposiums, press reporting to name a few.

The Communication Skills Program

The Purpose of Communication is to get your message across to others. Many people continue to struggle with inability to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively whether in verbal or written format. Poor communication skills make it nearly impossible to compete effectively in the workplace. Every person will have his or her own experience about reality. They may choose to share this experience with others through language or other modes of communication. This Course will enhance their communication skills in:

    • What is Communication Skills?
    • Communication Apprehension – Assessment
    • Communication Skills - The Need
    • Public Speaking
    • Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language)
    • Effective Business Communication
    • Meeting Skills
    • Negotiating Skills
    • Presentation Skills

    The PersonalityDevelopment

    • Excellent Teaching, Coaching, Training & Developing People of all Ages.
    • Program-Content is rich and unique
    • Designed an array of programs to address the needs of various sections of people.
    • Institute is fully equipped with professionals to undertake its programs. In its mission to deliver excellence, the Institute ensures that all its Trainers  are re-trained periodically to address to the latest needs & trends of the field.
    • Definition of Personality
    • Character Traits
    • Self-Confidence
    • Persuasion & Influence on Others
    • Choose what you want in Life
    • The Void: Where The Change Process Stops Us
    • How Are You Sabotaging Yourself?
    • Unleashing the Full Potentials of Your Mind
    • Analyze Yourself
    • Personality Development Tips

    The Fast track Program

    This is open to professionals and business people who want to learn English in hurry especially to face interviews, to take up jobs, to travel abroad with spouse, or to participate in meetings, seminars and conferences