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About VLC


   Communications Skills

The Communication Skills for Executives

This program is exclusively for Business Executives and Corporate Executives who speak English but lack the expression fluency. Besides enhancing developing personality , this program improves live Presentation skills, Management skills, E-mail writing skills, SMS messaging and creates confidence in conducting seminars, brain storming sessions, conferences, symposiums, press reporting to name a few.

The Communication Skills Program

The Purpose of Communication is to get your message across to others. Many people continue to struggle with inability to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively whether in verbal or written format. Poor communication skills make it nearly impossible to compete effectively in the workplace. Every person will have his or her own experience about reality. They may choose to share this experience with others through language or other modes of communication. This Course will enhance their communication skills in:

  • What is Communication Skills?
  • Communication Apprehension – Assessment
  • Communication Skills - The Need
  • Public Speaking
  • Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language)
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Meeting Skills
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Presentation Skills