New Batches Starts On...

English Classes

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Dear Students,
We kindly inform you that the
new batches start on
MARCH - 2020

11.03.2020 ( Wednesday )
07 to 09 am,
10 to 12 noon,
05 to 07 pm,
07 to 09 pm.

Individual classes and Saturday & Sunday also available..

For further Details contact:
+91 98409 87542 / +91 72000 87542 ********************************

French & Hindi Classes

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Dear Students,
We kindly inform you that the
new Classes start on

( Individual classes )
08 to 09 am, 09 to 10 am
11 to 12 Noon , 12 to 1 pm
02 to 03 pm, 05 to 06 pm,
07 to 08 pm, 08 to 09 pm.

Saturday & Sunday also available.

For further Details contact:
+91 98409 87542 / +91 72000 87542 ********************************

IELTS Classes

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Dear Students,
We kindly inform you that the
new classes training available

( Individual classes )
12 to 1.30 pm,
02 to 04 pm,
04 to 06 pm.
05 to 07 pm.
07 to 09 pm.

Saturday - 10 to 1 PM 02 to 05 pm,
Sunday - 10 to 12 Noon,

For further Details contact:
+91 98409 87542 / +91 72000 87542 ********************************

About VLC Training Center

Welcome to language training in chennai..VLC Language Center is a premier language Institute equipped with a language lab. In the language lab, learners can learn a language with the help of a teacher and can get familiar with any language of his choice. The learner can improve his speaking skills and can understand the different dialects and accents of the same language.

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How We Teach

Set Your Goal

VLC Training takes an adaptive approach to teaching that takes into account each student’s interests, learning style, and language learning goals.

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Unique Study Materials

VLC training expert in designing a curriculum and developing materials for its classes that will be effective for the widest number of students to achieve their goals.

Pleasant Environment

Since learning a language can be both exhilarating and daunting, VLC Training seeks to create an atmosphere of rigorous study, while maintaining a relaxed personal relationship with students, aimed at helping them feel confident to reach their potential.

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Our Best Offerings

The Institute offers direct coaching programs for fluency skills in English language. It has expansion plans to offer fluency skills in other inland and foreign languages viz; Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, French, German, Japanese etc., through direct coaching Programs. The services of the Institute are mainly opened to the domestic market and the fee structure is designed accordingly for Indian Learners. A dedicated team of experts& faculty has been formed and developed to serve optimum the learning fraternity. More and more learners are placing their faith in VLC's proven ability to serve which indicates the team efficiency.

Why VLC Training Center ?

Why We Are Better

We one of the top language training centers in chennai..let's look at the reasons...

Student Care.
We believe that you will be motivated to learn when learning things that personally interests you. The structure of a set curriculum combined with the flexibility to accommodate your own interests gives your language learning the freedom to flourish. Bring your passions and personal interests into the classroom..
Experienced Tutors
Teachers at VLC must have a university degree, a recognized teaching certificate and relevant teaching experience. All of our instructors are English, French or Hindi speakers, and are carefully selected for their ability to motivate and inspire. VLC’s staff will welcome and support you with whatever personal or academic challenges you face and will set you up for success!
Flexible Approach
At VLC, you get to choose your study schedule and select from a wide range of course options. Personalize your learning experience by choosing from core courses and electives to suit your language level and satisfy your interests and goals. Improving your language skills at VLC is part of an amazing adventure!.

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Actual Class Video

Are you a beginner wanting to fast track your progress in Hindi, English or French. Join our time bound intensive course and take your language to the next level in just four weeks.Call us for the latest batch schedule:9840987542.

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